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Welcome to the ELITE IPA Online Training Page!


You should take this training IF:


  1. You currently hold an active Virginia DCJS registration card.

  2. You are within 12 months of your DCJS registration card expiration date.

  3. Your DCJS card has expired and it is less than 60 days past your expiration.


You should not take this training IF:


  1. You do not hold an active Virginia DCJS registration card.

  2. It is more than 12 months before your DCJS registration card expires.

  3. Your DCJS card has expired and it is more than 60 days past your expiration.


The online training gives students the opportunity to complete training within a 30-day time frame after registering and paying for the course.  Keep in mind, your expiration date remains the same and does not change, regardless of your 30-day training period.  Upon completion of the course, the student will have the option to print a certificate of completion. 


Within 24 hours of your successful completion of the online training, we will email you a training completion form and an electronic notification will be sent to DCJS.

Accessing the online course:

  1. Access the login page:

  2. Input your Username and Password and click login.

  3. On the main page you will be able to access all of the courses you have registered/paid for, as well as pay for any additional courses.

  4. When you are ready to begin the online training, click your desired course.

  5. Once clicking the course you want to start, you will see a list of four clickable options: Course Instructions, In-Service Course, In-Service Exam and Certificate. 

  6. To begin your course, you must click “In-Service Course,” after the course instructions. Wait for it to load. Read the course material in its entirety. You will not have access to the exam until you have read the course material.

  7. After reading through the course material, proceed to the In-Service Exam by clicking the link to the exam at the bottom right hand corner. The exam can also be accessed from the main course screen by clicking      “In-Service Exam.”

  8. Once the exam page loads, click the “Attempt quiz now” button in the middle of the screen.

  9. There will be 20 questions.  At the end of the exam, click “Finish Exam”.  In this new screen, scroll to the bottom and click “Submit all and finish”.  You must receive an 80% or greater to pass.  Note: If you do not pass, you can retake the exam.

  10. Upon a PASSED completion, you will be given access to your certificate.

  11. CLICK THE CERTIFICATE LINK. This will complete your course and results will be sent to the server. 

  12. As an extra step, to guarantee your results are submitted without issue send us a brief email to let us know of you completion:

If your results do not post properly, please email us at

After completion of your course, be sure to do the following: Submit your DCJS renewal fees bia the DCJS website: .  If your registration has expired and it has not been more than 60 days, you must also include an additional fee of $17 to reinstate your card.  The reinstatement fee for instructors is $12.50. IF you have exceeded your 60-days reinstatement period, your card will be expired and you must retake the entry-level training.


If you require assistance, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you and good luck!

Elite IPA Team

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