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Upcoming Courses

DC SPO & MD Armed Guard 

Every Weekend


Unarmed Security Officer (01E)

17th & 18th Feb

Arrest Authority & Handgun

22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th Feb


Unarmed Security Officer (01E)

2nd & 3rd Mar

Arrest Authority & Handgun

7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Mar


Personal Protection Specialist

Starts April 6th

 Next Range 
February 25th

Stars April 6th


Department of Criminial Justice Approved Courses


District of Columbia

Special Police Office Course




Armed Guard Course

& Handgun Qualified License


Elite Investigation & Protection, Inc., also known as Elite IPA, has successfully been serving the DC Metropolitan area since 2009. Elite IPA is not only a security company, but also an approved, certified and insured training academy for Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland. We have trained thousands of security professionals with that number growing each day. These same individuals are returning to us year after year for their renewal courses as well as additional developmental training.


Elite IPA instructors are either currently employed in the field or have extensive prior experience and knowledge of the security and protection industry. They are held to a higher standard than most other training academies and teach our courses with the utmost professionalism and respect for our students as well as always striving to lead by example.


We offer an array of courses to those who are seeking training and certifications in the private security industry. Some of these courses include: Unarmed and Armed Security Officer, Private Investigator, Personal Protection Specialist, Instructor Certifications, Basic and Advanced Firearms, Intermediate Weapons (Handcuff/OC/Baton), Concealed Handgun Courses, Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution, and much more.


Baton, Handcuffing & Pepper Spray Training Courses



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